• May 2024, 02:11 PM


Get stronger with your friends


Welcome to HUNDRED, the ultimate app for tracking your strength progress and celebrating your powerlifting achievements with friends. Whether you're a seasoned lifter or just starting your strength training journey, HUNDRED is designed to help you get stronger and stay motivated.

 Key Features : 

  • Track Your Lifts:

Monitor your performance in the three main powerlifts: Bench Press, Squat, and either Power Clean or Deadlift. Log your max lifts and watch your progress over time.

Cumulative 1RM Calculation: Your cumulative one rep max (1RM) weight across the three lifts determines your "Pound Club" status. See how your hard work stacks up and set new goals to reach the next club level.

  • Progress Graphs:

Visualize your strength gains with intuitive charts and graphs that track your maxes and overall progress.

Add Friends: Connect with your friends and keep each other motivated. Share your achievements, celebrate milestones, and challenge each other to get stronger.

  • Friendly Competition:

Engage in a little friendly competition by comparing your Pound Club status with your friends. Push each other to new heights and celebrate together.

Strength Community: Join a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about strength training. Exchange tips, share your journey, and find inspiration from others.

  • Achievements & Milestones:

Earn badges and achievements as you reach new personal records and milestones. Celebrate your hard work and dedication with these tangible rewards

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